Currently February + Spirit Week

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As I mentioned, this week is our Spirit Week. Its intention is to break up the monotony of winter and add a little pizzazz to the bleakness – and boy does it work! My kiddos have been super excited this week, however this has also led to a lack of focus. Oh well – you win some, you lose some.

Anyways, yesterday was Pajama Day, my most favorite day of the year!! I loved loved LOVED wearing my comfy pjs and slippers to school. I would seriously wear them every day if I could 🙂 We enjoyed milk and cookies at the end of the day while I read them a “bedtime” story (my choice – Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble – so good!). We brought our favorite stuffed animals and enjoyed cuddling with them throughout the day.

Today was Clash Day and you should have seen some of these outfits! They went all out, as did I of course. Did I mention that the teacher with the “most spirit” wins a sleep-in day? Yeah, I went all out! Pictures will be posted at the end of the week once all 5 days are complete. We voted for a King and a Queen of clash in each class and the winners paraded around the school for all of the classes to see. Everyone looked great!

Tomorrow is beach day, Thursday is favorite holiday day, and Friday is school spirit day. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the week brings, hoping that we can stay more focused and involved in the learning!

One last thing – in order to tie in an “educational” aspect to Spirit Week, each day I give the students a writing prompt that relates to the theme of the day. They must respond to the prompt with at least 5 complete sentences (although most usually write more!) and illustrate their paragraph. For example, yesterday’s question was “If you could stay up ALL night, what would you do?” Most kiddos said that they would play video games or watch TV. Clash day was a tough one, but here’s what I came up wtih: “Combine two animals to make one. Draw a picture of your animal, name it, and write a paragraph describing your animal.” They turned out great! We had everything from a snish (snail + fish) to a turphant (turtle + elephant). I like doing this as morning work during Spirit Week and allowing the kids to share later in the day. They enjoy it as well because they can be so creative!

So does your school have a Spirit Week? What is your favorite spirit day? I mean, really, does anything beat pajama day?!?!