Tar-jay Scores

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our four year anniversary. Boy, did four years fly by! When we first got married, I was about to become a substitute teacher due to a lack of jobs available and he was working as a secretary at a huge PT practice. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come since then! Now I have my own classroom and he is now a PT himself, no longer just a secretary! We have been incredibly blessed and I look forward to seeing where we are at this time next year ūüôā PS: He surprised me with a DELICIOUS dinner at The Melting Pot, this super cool fondue place in Station Square – oh my goodness, it was so so good!

Anyways, today I decided to check out the sales at Target. I knew this could be a dangerous thing because I rarely leave that store spending less than $50!! But I love back-to-school shopping, so out I went.

Here’s what I got today:

Guess what my total was??

$49.91!! Not bad, right? Granted, I did buy a few other things for home…but my goal was to keep school stuff under $50 and I just barely succeeded!

So this stuff is for my prize bin at school. My bin had been getting pretty empty and most of the “good” stuff is gone after last year. I love the dollar spot at Target which is where I got all of this stuff!

This stuff is mostly for me! I had a coupon for the PaperMate pens, I needed some new pencils, one of the RoseArt boxes of markers will go in my marker bin (all of our red markers were gone by the end of the year, so I knew I needed to restock) and the other box is for me, and we go through glue sticks like crazy, especially once we get into lapbooking! I always like to keep some in my desk, away from the students ūüôā Everything here was on sale – score!

I ran out of construction paper at the end of the year, so I was pleased when I saw it was on sale – I got four packs (with 96 sheets each) for $4 when it would have normally been $7.96 for all four! I give my kiddos folders for each unit topic that we study, so I was able to pick up four dozen folders (I have 11 in my class this year) for 17 cents each…definitely not a bad deal.

Not sure what I will use these bins for, but they were too cute to pass up! Any ideas??

I liked these bins too – they match the smaller ones but are quite a bit bigger and will hold my Language Arts center materials much better than my current bins do.

(Please excuse the zombie sign in the background…haha)

If you look closely at the last picture, you’ll also see my enVision math box in the background. We just received this new curriculum and I have been busy checking it out and determining the best way to use it in my classroom. If you use enVision, I’d LOVE to hear from you!!

Have you hit any back-to-school sales yet?? What did you score? Anywhere you recommend checking out??