Today is Halloween, one of the worst days for teachers to teach.

Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is lots of fun – I love seeing costumes, eating sweets, carving pumpkins, and passing out candy.

But for teachers, the kids are simply too wound up! And what’s almost worse than Halloween? The day after, when the kids are totally amped up on sugar!

Thankfully for me, I teach in a private school where we do not really celebrate Halloween. There are no costume parties or Halloween treats. This makes the day a little easier for me. Some of the kids do not even celebrate Halloween at home with their families, so we try to not bring it up at all! However, you always have the inevitable “What are you dressing up as for trick-or-treating?” question that the kids ask each other…

My husband and I attended a 50’s themed party at a local church recently. I wore the poodle skirt my mom made for my sister and me when we were in elementary school! Thank goodness she had added extra snaps to the waist that makes it still able to be worn today ūüôā

I almost wish I could have worn this to school – it is so comfy and fun!

I may try to do some fall-themed activities with the kids this week. Maybe we’ll do a pumpkin glyph in math, or a fall writing assignment during Writer’s Workshop. Any fun 5th-grade appropriate ideas??