Big News…

So I know I dropped off the face of the Earth. But I think I have a pretty good reason…


That’s right, I am preggo! My husband and I are expecting our little girl to arrive in August and we are busy preparing for her arrival.

Right now I am 24 weeks and feeling GREAT!! I am so thankful for how easy my pregnancy has been so far; God has truly blessed me ūüôā

I am still teaching every day, but haven’t had nearly the same energy I had in past years, which is why this blog has fallen by the wayside (plus, I have been updating my pregnancy blog once a week for out of town friends and family –¬†

Anyways, at school we are currently in the middle of achievement test week. We take the Terranovas here at my private Christian school. Last week I pulled together some test prep for the kiddos – reading, language arts, science, and math – which they enjoyed. This week, while not testing, we have been working on our cardboard castles, wrapping up our medieval unit, and writing our parody¬†(although, I’m not sure anything can top last year’s!); this year we are doing a parody of “Finding Nemo”.

I am definitely looking forward to summer when I can work on our sweet baby girl’s nursery and getting things ready for her, but for now I’m going to finish the year strong and enjoy the time left with my 5th grade kiddos!