Oh my…

Is anyone still reading??

I feel like such a slacker for not posting since December 7th! But trust me, things have been quite busy. My husband and I are closing on our first house at the end of February, so that has been consuming much of our time lately!!

Here at school, we have been busy studying electricity. The students experimented with light bulbs, batteries, and wires today to create series and parallel circuits. They had a blast and were all successful – expect pictures later!

We have also been discussing biographies. We are currently reading a biography of Thomas Edison as a young child, so we talked about features of a biographies and used other examples to locate and identify these features.

Today, the students presented their “How To” essays. Each student wrote an essay on how to do something, such as make an ice cream sundae, play Pound Tag, or draw a caricature. These were tons of fun, and of course the kiddos loved the presentations that had to do with food 🙂

Well, hopefully I will be checking in more regularly. Things are busy, but I love having this blog to keep all of my thoughts and ideas 🙂 Anything exciting happening in your classes? How do you teach biographies??

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  1. Emyria Furman
    Feb 03, 2013 @ 08:14:35

    Dear Kim,

    Your ideas are exciting! I teach 5th but in a Church school, and have been given an 8th grade Science book to teach. It is a Pearson, Electricity, and Magnetism.
    How do I use such an elevated series for 5th graders? They do have experiments but not fun/workable. I feel like I am boring my students to death. What exactly did your students put on the lightbulbs for the bulletin board.? Did you have them research for the inventors on line at all? Lots of questions, I need help!

    Could use some ideas for your creative writing too. Do you use a book at all, where do you get your material to teach from? I need a little direction, and spark to my class.

    I have been teaching 5th grade for 5 years, I love the grade but don’t think I have hit that button yet. I feel my class is just not feeling the daily routine! I need help!
    I am sorry I am all over the place with issues! Just need a facelift(lol)




  2. Teach Junkie
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 20:05:08

    Sometimes blogging is just for us and it’s a bonus if others read it and think alike 😉 Congrats you must be close to getting the keys! Happy moving!


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