July Currently

Oh man…time has really gotten away from me! I totally missed June’s currently, and now here we are, already on July 4th! Oh well. I have a bunch of ideas ready for posts, so I’ll try and get some up this week because next week I will be at the beach with my family!! We spend a week at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware every year and it is always so relaxing and fun – I can’t wait!

I have worked at the same summer day camp for kids for 10 years – it’s been a great experience, but this year I finally decided to leave that job and give myself a break this summer! My husband is officially done with PT school and is working this summer, so the money wasn’t as much of an issue. I have to say, I am really looking forward to everything that I will be able to get done now, both around the apartment and in my classroom!

My favorite read aloud with my class is kind of silly, but they LOVE it – “Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones” by Judy Schachner. They love picture books in general, but this one is just so fun. They always enjoy reading the little poems and clapping along with Skippyjon Jones. If you haven’t ready any of these books, you must do so. They are about a cat who thinks he is a chihuahua!

I’d have to say my go-to professional read is “The First Days of School” by Harry Wong, mostly because it is the first “teacher” books I read when I got my first job and it has been helpful ever since. I definitely recommend it, especially for first time teachers. It helped me realize the importance of those first few days of school in setting the tone for the rest of the year!

Now, go link up with Farley! And be sure to read the rules 🙂

Happy 4th of July!!

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  1. Megan Newman
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 09:41:57

    I LOVE The First Days of School! I read it every summer!! Thanks for the half marathon encouragement! It will be the death of me! I am so excited to find your blog…I love reading blogs by upper grades teachers:)


  2. Heather Shelton
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 13:26:22

    I Love Skippyjon Jones! He is a favorite in my kinder class. I agree summer is flying by way to fast. Have a nice cookout and fun at the beach!
    Mrs. Shelton’s Kindergarten


  3. Nancy Tim
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 20:14:44

    I have taught a medieval unit for years. Our jousting involves wooden spoons (two per student) and a golf ball. One spoon and ball together represent the shield; the other spoon is the sword. The two students walk toward each other and try to knock the other student’s ball off the spoon. If both balls go down in the same movement it is a do over. The kids are in costume and have a blast. We do a full day of Renaissance Festival to celebrate our knowledge of the six week unit that encompasses, reading, writing, science, social studies, and spelling.


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