So somehow I got roped into co-coaching the 5th and 6th grade boys volleyball team at my school…

My husband, best friend, and I play pick up games every Tuesday night at a local church. I played intramural volleyball in college, and took a clinic one summer when I was younger. It’s always been a fun sport for me (whereas most others are NOT! I was a singer/actress/dancer, not an athlete!). Despite the fact that I’ve never actually been trained on how to play, I have a blast and am much improved compared to my college days of playing!

Anyways, we have a good solid group of girls playing this year and one of their dad’s is coaching the girls’ team. Unfortunately, only one boy signed up for the boys’ team…bummer. So I was talking to our “athletic director” who organizes the sports teams and mentioned that I’d be willing to help out if a few more boys signed up; I felt bad that there weren’t enough for a team and this one boy who wanted to play wouldn’t get a chance!

So they called up a dad at the school who had expressed interest and the two of us are now the “coaches” for the boys team! I encouraged my 5th grade boys to give it a try, and several of them have come to the two practices we have had so far.

I wasn’t able to make it to Tuesday’s practice, but I was excited to go today! We split the kids up into two groups (mixed boys and girls) and focused on bumping and serving. I must say that by the end of the hour and a half, they had definitely improved their bumping skills!! I was really impressed with their willingness to learn and try new things. Some of the boys are naturals at volleyball and have never even played before!

We are hoping to call up some local schools who would be willing to scrimmage our boys once we get a few more practices in and work on getting the ball over the net ūüôā It will be fun just to see how much they improve throughout the next few months.

I never thought I would be coaching a sports team, but hey, you gotta get out of your comfort zone every once in a while!

Oh, and please keep the patients/victims of the Western Psych hospital shooting here in Pittsburgh in your thoughts and prayers. There are seven injured and two dead, including the shooter; all of Oakland was on lock down for much of the afternoon. It was a scary thing to hear about, especially being so close to home. This is one of those things that is always difficult to discuss with students. At their age, they usually know about these events from their parents or from watching the news. I’m hoping to spend some time in prayer for the victims tomorrow with my kiddos.



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