November Happenings

So this weekend was K, my 4-month old niece’s baptism at church. I also have a 2-year-old niece, A. They are wonderful and I love them dearly! However they are growing up WAY too fast. It feels like we just had A’s baptism, yet it was a year and a half ago! Here is me and my sweet niece K:

Isn’t she the cutest??

And I had to include a picture with my niece A who is SO fun! I love watching her grow and develop and change – she is incredibly bright for her age!

Ok enough about my two favorite kiddos. I have a class full of 10 and 11 year olds who I love dearly as well, all of whom I am extremely proud of!! Know why??

Out of my class of 13, nine of them got an A+ on their huge Colonial America unit test, and several othr! This was a big sucker at 95 points with lots of matching, fill in the blank, multiple choice, map labeling, and four essay questions. I really thought I had made the test more challenging this year, but they proved to me how well they knew their stuff. Yay for a successful unit!! Doesn’t that make you feel so good?? ūüôā

Every month, all the students at JCS do a project relating to the unit topic for the month. This month is one of my favorites. In October, students researched and wrote a report on a famous person in history from colonial/Revolutionary War times. All sorts of historical figures were chosen, from Ben Franklin and George Washington, to Sybil Ludington and Nathan Hale. After reading their reports (which were SO well done!), I learned quite a bit! PS: Interesting fact – can you guess which famous person from early American history I am related to? She is a famous female from the 16th/17th century…

Anyways, for November, the students turn their report into a first person monologue and present a Living Wax Museum! Family members, friends, and all of the other classes walk around the school to the different stations where the kids are set up. Once someone taps a “wax figure” on the should, he/she comes to life and tells the audience about his/her life. This is such a fun thing for the 5th graders to do and is always a highlight of their year. I am super excited to see my current students in action. Some of them wore costumes to present their report to the class, as I offered that option for bonus points, and BOY are their costumes awesome! They look GREAT!

So this year our LWM is on Friday, November 18th. The students have another week and a half to finish preparing their monologue and memorize it. Their monologue must be two to three minutes long – they all complain when they first hear this length, but once they start speaking they realize that time goes by much quicker than they first imagined!

Here are some [edited for privacy] pictures of my kiddos from two years ago:

If you can’t see it on their poster, can you guess who their historical figure is??

I am always so impressed with how well my 5th graders do with this project. It takes a lot of practice, hard work, courage, and diligence to prepare, but they blow me away every year; I have no doubt that this year will be the same ūüôā And…it brings these kids so much confidence! Another plus!

I’m sure I’ll post lots of pictures after the event is over this year. Right now I have been busy getting reports/papers/tests graded as we prepare for report cards and conferences…ohhhh the joy!


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