Currently November…

I had to get in on the fun from Oh Boy Fourth Grade…

Sorry it’s small…whenever I selected “large” or “full size” it was HUGE!! Anyone know how to make it an in-between size on WordPress??

November is going to be a BUSY month. Our unit is on the American Revolution – one of the longest units in one of the shortest months! Ahh! But I know we will squeeze everything in, even if it means sacrificing something else. Not my first choice, but there is SO much amazing information that I want these kids to know ūüôā The most important thing that we focus on this month is how God played such a huge role in the foundation of our country. Did you know that George Washington had four bullets go through his jacket and two horses shot out from under him, yet he was not injured ONCE?? I wonder if GW knew that he was destined for greatness after the ways that God protected him…I am always amazed when I see how the Lord worked through each and everyone one of the men and women involved in the Revolution!

What does your November look like?? Is this a busy month or a more relaxing one for you and your class?


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  1. Farley
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 22:21:36

    cheese and wine partay!!! AWESOME!!! I love those… have you heard of the Savannah bee Company? They sell this edible honey comb that is DEE LISH with cheese!!! OH EMM GEE go google it after reading this!!! AH MAZING and it will be the hit of the party for sure!!! OH and thanks for linking up!!!


  2. wordsiwouldsay
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 22:54:12

    thanks for hosting the currently november party! yessss we have a wine and cheese party every year and it is SO yummy and SO fun! i’ve never heard of that company but i will definitely check them out – THANKS!!


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