Welcome to my classroom!

I am so excited to be starting this blog all about my adventures as a 5th grade teacher. We do so many fun things in my classroom and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Well, first things first. Let me show you around my classroom!

The entrance to my classroom is the door to the left. These are my classroom computers. I am hoping to get a few more, as there are not nearly enough for 14 kiddos!

Here are the closet doors right next to the entrance to my classroom. Unfortunately I can’t put anything really large on these walls since they are mostly taken up by doors. It’s a bummer, but it is nice having such large amounts of storage.

Here are the other set of closet doors, along with our reusable story map.

This is the bulletin board between the sets of closet doors. The kids all decorated puzzle pieces (cut out using our Crikut) and they are now hung up proudly!

Here is a close-up of the Pinterest-inspired Story Map that I made. We can use this over and over again with post-it notes for each new story.

Here are my bookshelves, on the wall perpendicular to the closets. The books are sorted according to their AR level, as my school encourages the kids to use Accelerated Reader.

Here is the front board area of my room with lots of posters.

Another Pinterest-inspired poster.

The students like this one a lot – another Pinterest find.

Our essential questions for each month are posted in the front of the room.

Another view of the front of the room.

This is at the back of the room and will be switched out for the unit each month. Obviously this month we are studying God’s Great Universe. Books relating to the unit are on the top shelf of the bookshelf and lots of games are on the bottom.

My desk area – love having a mini-fridge behind my desk!

My favorite Pinterest creation is my way of keeping track of where the kids are in the writing process – the fun pencil! The kiddos love it and are anxious to move onto each new stage to move their clothespin 🙂 This is also the writing table where the kids can find any supplies needed for the writing process.

My final Pinterest creation is a “Tired Words” pocket chart. Each pocket contains synonyms for the word on the front of the pocket tha the kids should use in place of the “tired word” in their writing. Every day I see kids using this and it makes me so happy! My goal is that they would eventually not even need the chart but can think of the other words on their own 🙂

I hope you enjoyed that tour of my room. 5th grade is off to a GREAT start this year and I can’t wait to share more about our adventures!

In the meantime, check out my TpT store – I’m in the process of adding my American Revolution unit that I have worked extremely hard on!